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Web APIs


Tech4 Consulting have developed a suite of RESTful Web APIs for Unit4 ERP 7 that add key functionality for Unit4 ERP 7 customers.

These Web APIs blend seamlessly with the standard Unit4 ERP 7 Web APIs.  They can be used in the Service call function setup screen (TWF260) in the same way as standard Unit4 ERP 7 Web APIs.  They also appear in Swagger UI alongside the standard Unit4 ERP 7 Web APIs.

The following Web APIs are currently available (the screen references give an indication of the functionality supported by each Web API):

  • Attribute value descriptions
    Allows for the maintenance of attribute value multi-lingual texts (i.e., the Text pop-up accessed from the Attribute values screen (TGL005)).

  • Balances
    For the maintenance of employee balances (i.e., the Employee balances screen (TPR055)).

  • Competences
    For the maintenance of competences (i.e., the Competences screen (TCV008)).

  • Exchange rates
    For the maintenance of exchange rates (i.e., the Exchange rate entry screen (TCR029)).

  • Payment dispatches
    For the maintenance of payment dispatches (i.e., the Payment dispatch screen (TPR020) accessed from the Personnel screen (THS005)).

  • P&D connections
    For the maintenance of P&D connections (i.e., the Connection screen (TPR004) accessed from the PD register screen (TPR002)).

  • Position codes
    For the maintenance of position codes (i.e., the Position code register screen (TPR062)).

  • Position roles
    For the maintenance of position roles (i.e., the Connect positions and roles screen (THS033) accessed from the Position register screen (THS032)).

  • Products
    For the maintenance of products (i.e., the Products screen (TLG002)).

  • Subscriptions
    For the maintenance of subscriptions (i.e., the Subscriptions screen (TUI001)).

  • User defined titles
    For the maintenance of user-defined titles (i.e., the User defined titles/texts screen (TAG034)).

More Web APIs will be added in future, and we can also develop custom Web APIs based on your requirements.  Please contact us for more information.

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