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System Access Reports

Tech4 Consulting, in partnership with Logical Endeavour Solutions, have developed a suite of System Access Reports that put a system-wide view of user and role-based menu access at your fingertips.

Designed specifically to help System Administrators manage and review how access is governed in their implementation, our solution provides a visual overview of how users access the system – including side-by-side comparisons and global views of all roles.

Outputs can be optionally organised by the menu structure within Unit4 ERP or divided by modules to identify the ways users interact with different facets of the software.  With additional options to group roles for specific analysis, this customisation provides clients with a key tool in taking control of how they manage and understand system access.







Our System Access Reports give you:

•    Full visual overview of menu-access by role to support internal and external audit of system access.

•    Direct side-by-side comparisons of user access.

•    At-a-glance presentation of data control detailing which screens are controlled by particular attributes.

•    Warning flags to indicate closed role groups that could grant access to users if reactivated.

•    Flexible functionality to restrict a report output by grouped roles and zero in on the method of access.

Whether your organisation is looking to substantially restructure its role master file, planning a migration of users from Desktop Client to Web Client to reduce expenditure, or just introducing a process of regular review for existing users, our System Access Reports provide an excellent starting point to put you in control of access to your Unit4 ERP implementation.

This solution is delivered in an easy-to-install package that can be installed by your on-site server administrator or by Unit4 in a managed cloud environment (documentation for the installation is provided).

For further information and price details, please contact us.

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