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Software Details

Tech4 have over 50 years combined experience providing customisation and integration for Unit4 ERP using ACT, .NET, Extension Kit, Report Engine and 3rd party tools.  We are extremely well placed to produce solutions for our customers aimed at saving time and money and which expand on the standard core functionality of the Unit4 ERP product.

We currently have the following solutions available.

Employee Data Load

Designed specifically for loading Employee related data such as, employee balances, positions, position relations etc. This solution provides detailed reporting and maintenance screens along with the ability to process large data volumes.  Details here.

Simple MFA

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is becoming the standard for securing applications, but often there can be a cost to enabling this.  Our Solution for standard ERP users (not single sign-on or IDS) provides MFA via authenticator app or email without any monthly user costs. Details here.

RESTful Web APIs

The Unit4 People Platform provides a large number of public REST APIs that you can use for integrations with external systems, or within ERP during Workflow via the service function setup screen.  However, not all ERP7 functionality is covered.  Our RESTful APIs fill in some of these gaps to expand your integration options.  Details here.

System Access Reports

Developed in partnership with Logical Endeavour Solutions, we provide a comprehensive suite of user and role-based access reports that allow you to simply and easily manage and review how access is applied in your system. Details here. 

For further information please contact us.

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