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Data Load

Tech4 have developed a suite of software for loading master data in to Unit4 ERP.

This software is currently supported on Unit4 ERP Milestone 5, Milestone 6 and Milestone 7.

The following master data is supported:

  1. Employee balances;

  2. Positions;

  3. Position relation values;

  4. Employments;

  5. Employment relation values.

Although Unit4 ERP provides Web Services for loading this master data there are issues with this approach:

  1. In order to use these Web Services you have to write software to consume them;

  2. They load the master data row by row and so they do not scale well;

  3. They do not utilise the benefits of set-based commands that RDBMS"s offer.

The Tech4 Data Load software avoids these issues by providing:

  1. A Server Process for loading the master data;

  2. A detailed Excelerator report of the results including any issues encountered;

  3. A Screen for viewing and maintaining the loaded data prior to updating the Unit4 ERP master data tables.

Data can be loaded from tables or from a fixed field format file, both of which can be populated using standard Unit4 ERP functionality in the Batch Input Formatter (BIF) software. A BIF sheet is provided for each type of master data supported and there is extensive documentation included.

The following screenshot shows an example of the maintenance screen for employment relation values. The screen has three sections:

  1. The header, where you enter the batch id, and you can select the data to show based on row type;

  2. The detail, which displays the rows of data being loaded, possibly restricted by row type;

  3. The errors, which displays the errors on the currently selected row in the detail section, if there are any.

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