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Tech4 Consulting is no longer providing services to new clients. To contact members of the team individually please use the links below.

About Us

Details and LinkedIn links for the Tech4 team.

Andrew Woodhead

I am an experienced software developer and worked within the UK Products team at Unit4 ERP for over 20 years. I have worked on Unit4 ERP localisations, local products and customisations and with the Unit4 Research and Development team on various projects over the years. Among many other things I worked on localising Payroll for the UK and on the development of Report Engine.

I am an expert in all aspects of Unit4 ERP ACT and have worked on numerous large-scale projects. I have a wide range of experience developing software for customers from the initial design phase right through to the documentation and delivery of the solution.

Delivering robust and maintainable software that fulfils the customers requirements is what motivates and excites me.


Elisabeth Taylor

I am an accomplished Reporting Specialist with more than 20 years experience with Unit4 ERP Software and have experience of business applications in a wide variety of sectors, primarily local government and higher education.

As a senior member of the customisation and reporting team I had a specialism in complex Excel-based reporting and was responsible for business analysis, report design and creation. I also worked closely with the development team responsible for the Unit4 ERP Report Engine tool, helping to shape the design and functionality it provides.

I have been responsible for writing and delivering training courses, from beginner to advanced level, training both in the classroom and in workshops at customer premises.

I am experienced in the full product cycle of Unit4 ERP reporting, from analysing customer requirements, planning and scoping the solution, through to developing, testing and implementing, then training and supporting the customer.


Peter Davis

I am an experienced software developer and worked within the Professional Services Customisation team at Unit4 ERP Software for over 12 years. I have experience of creating customer specific customisation ranging from changes to existing screens, server processes and webservices, through to the creation of completely new custom screens and processes and integrations with external systems.

I am an expert in all aspects of Unit4 ERP  ACT, as well as being one of the first in the country to provide customisation of the new Unit4 ERP Experience Packs, and have worked on numerous large scale upgrades migrating existing VB and VBA customisation to ACT.

I pride myself on a logical and thorough approach to development and am able to work closely with clients to scope requirements and design robust, maintainable solutions.


Catherine Oliver

I worked in the Professional Services team at Unit4 ERP for over 15 years. I was a senior member of the Project Management Office specialising in revenue recognition through order processing, invoicing and management reporting. I was responsible for the management of the PMO, project co-ordination, resource management and administration.


Online Training

The online training from the Tech4 Learnworlds site can be found via the following links.

ACT Fundamentals

Introduction to developing ACT customisation for Unit4 ERP7.


Web API Introduction

Introduction to using SOAP Webservices and REST APIs, including their use in Unit4 ERP.